2015 Selected Films

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Please find a full list of accepted films, music videos, and screenplays for SIFF 2015.

temp_logosiff_whiteACHING ART

“Nature of Life says “” What comes in , has go “”. Unfortunately Our Indian art and Culture are No Different and lies in the same Neglected Zone.  Bharat being the fastest developing Country, lives in a time where generation likes to keep themselves updated with technology and which seem to be No Crime.  But we have a Question to deal with . . Are we not forgetting the things which made Our country Bharat or India as a cultural Heritage or more precisely An Art House on World Forum ?? Or do we really care for…the Indian Art which are dying in India itself ??

Aleqini |Live|

2013 Ema Shah singing in her concert a Poem for the Kuwaiti stateless Mohammad Al-Nabhan. A poem about a man looking for a homeland, from a home that didn’t give a life And he keep looking forever.   The language of Arabic literature. Humanist, philosophy and Policy.

A Boy’s Prayer
“A 17 year old loser meets a mysterious and beautiful cleaner girl by chance. They have totally different characters and backgrounds; However, they start to have a wonderful adventure in garbage dump. Ultimately, they change each other…”

All in my mind

Three different scenes featuring a hitman during a working night in Paris are mixed together: the memories of a violent shoot-out, the stillness of his last crime scene in an old hotel room and the fleeting cityscapes of Paris as seen through a car window.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

Most of the money we use today is created by banks, not Governments. This is an overlooked reason for financial crises. In this context the controversial Internet currency Bitcoin is worth a closer look. Is it a scam, a Ponzi scheme and a bubble waiting to burst? Or is Bitcoin the money for the digital future, and a real threat to the US Dollar? This Kick-starter funded documentary will explore these economic and technological issues for the mainstream audience. It will make everyone re-think the very concept of money.

Bigfoot: The Curse of Blood Mountain
United States

Two friends, Riggs and Decker embark on a search for proof of Bigfoot’s existence. They soon find out that the real question is not if he exists, but why.

Can’t Stop Drinking About You
United States

A musician attempts to get over his ex by partying, but ends up drinking more than just alcohol.

Not Specified

Music video for Adam Donen’s song ‘Carina’, from the album ‘False Bay Echoes’.

United Kingdom

The story of a young Peruvian dancer trying to pursue her dreams in the harsh world of the largest river city in the Amazon jungle.


Continuum is a documentary style music video in association with “”Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines”

Dad’s Fragile Doll
Iran, Islamic Republic of

A young girl reconstructs events leading to her father’s imprisonment and execution using dolls her mother has made. The young girl takes vengeance
on the prison guard puppet doll…

“Ecuador, con los ojos cerrados”

Emergency Exit – young Italians abroad


“Something has changed in Europe. From Ireland to Greece, to Spain and to Italy, young people from south Europe are, now, the
ones desperately seeking exit strategies from economies in free fall (The Guardian).  ‘Emergency Exit’ is a feature documentary about Italy and the consequences that the last 20 years of politics have had on the young generation: in fact, a lot of young italians (as young spanish, portogueses, greeks, etc) leave their country every year; more then 90% of them are graduated or professionally skilled.  They move away because of a lot of reason, also due to the economic crisis, and not only.  But nobody seems to have the desire to listen or care for them, or to follow their stories and motivations, in a way deeper than the generic clichè of the ‘brain drain’.  So I decided to start a trip: I traveled trough six cities, looking for young italians who left Italy to find better opportunities of life and career. Six – and more – stories of ordinary separation, one question: what happened to Italy?

Anna, Milena, Michele, Mauro, Cristina, Marco, Nicola, Clara, Ilaria, Sergio. They don’t know each other, but there’s a connection between them: they all left Italy to live and work abroad. Emergency Exit is a docu-trip whose aim is narrating their stories of “ordinary separation”: almost forced to leave Italy due to high unemployement rate (over31% of young population) and very preacarious job conditions, inspite of their studies and merits, they choose to move away, living in a deep contrast between the desire of keep
better opportunities in a global scenario and the strong attachment to their homeland’s roots and traditions. After many trips, meetings and interviews, we discovered a motley fresco of the life of young Italians abroad: their ideas, their motivations, their jobs, their habits are very diverse.  Moreover, the concept of docu-trip in itself, made of thousands of air miles, low cost flies and trains, temporary accomodation, unexpected situations and new habits, in uncertain production conditions, is the mirror of the interior journey of our protagonist, always suspended between the reasons of more satisfying prospectives and the sense of belonging to Italy but stucked in a forced exile.

We will try to describe the complex entirety of passions which characterizes contemporary life abroad: homesickness, pride, frustrations, desire for a better future are but a few feelings which contribute to build the experience of these new migrants. London, Paris, Berlin, and many other European cities have become centres of attraction for Italians who are trying to rebuild their affective, professional and cultural realities. Emergency Exit will show the intimate paths of its protagonists: the decision to leave, the difficulties of getting used to new cultural contexts, the “going back home” dilemma, the cultural exchange.

Faith Evans Ruch – PBR Song (Official Music Video)
United States

Faith Evans Ruch woke up on the wrong side of the bar this morning.

Herder’s Horn
Russian Federation

Little Vania leaves home to earn some money and starts working for unfair people. They try to trick Vania, but they fail. The skill of playing zhaleyka helps him.  Ecuador is a country full of changes that fights for develop itself. Manos Unidas is helping in that way. A poetry guide us to discover it, with the eyes closed.

Horn Ok Scream
The film is about an Indian truck driver’s journey on a highway and the events that follow.,

Francesca’ was inspired by the art and life of American photographer Francesca Woodman, who committed suicide by jumping out of an East Village apartment window on January 19, 1981, at the age of 22. Madden who lives in the Lower East Side / Chinatown neighborhood of New York City tell us, ‘Almost thirty years and now I’m looking down from a similar window’.
Captivated by the mysterious black and white photography of Woodman (which features herself), Madden echoes, ‘Ghostly images appear like gossamer blurred apparitions’.  Francesca’ was directed by art photographer and filmmaker, Gaëna da Sylva. da Sylva’s abstract poetic short films combine the magic of movement and static photography often using a multi-layered approach.

Night Run
United States

After a fight with her boyfriend, Brooke goes for a long run to clear her head. While taking a break far from home, she is approached by a stranger with disturbing news.

The Emotional Dimensions of the James River

United States

“This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional states. Enlighten yourself by looking at the world from your personal point of view while dreaming inside your curiosity. Michelle Marquez, a fifteen-year-old scientist and artist, conceptualized, produced and directed this short experimental film in collaboration with Patrick Gregory and music of Lincoln Mitchell. She aims to challenge the traditional division and separation between Science and Art.  Her three-year journey in research has revealed the deeply rooted biological connection that the human brain forms with complex images, sounds, and music. Her award winning neuroscience research correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of music and/or images with the selective triggering of emotional states. She used her scientific discoveries as a platform to share her dream of finding a place “Where Science Meets Art.” She used drones for aerial photography to capture images with a special camera converted to use Infrared (720 nm). Those images were blended with original music created especially for this film, which was ‘mathematically’ directed by the teenage producer. She is breaking the barrier between Art and Science to create a unique visual and audio experience of time perceptions and emotional dimensions. She invites viewers to ride this emotional roller coaster while dreaming about a place “Where Science Meets Art” at the James River.

Full Strength
United States

“Full Strength” is a film memoir that reflects on the life of 2014 Paralympic Gold Medalist Daniel McCoy and the freedom he feels on the ice while playing the sport he loves, sled hockey.

United States

A short documentary about a local Austin,Texas entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Poverty, Inc.

The Great Recession of 2008 proved that Wall Street and Washington’s promises of rising wages, upward mobility and job security were little more than empty rhetoric that paved the way to broken dreams, soup kitchens and homelessness for millions of American citizens. Six years later, the ranks of economically disenfranchised Americans continue to swell. Currently, the US ranks fourth highest in wealth inequality among 140 nations. Fifty million Americans live below the poverty line and 17 million live on less than $2 a day. These staggering figures bring into sharp focus the fact that the War on Poverty, declared 50 years ago by President Lyndon Johnson, has been a dismal failure.

Examining the influence of corporate globalization and exposing the destructive nature of our modern financial system, Poverty, Inc. offers a sobering look into how the predatory economic policies instituted by America’s new elite class have contributed to the nation’s descent into Third World status. Engrossing in-depth interviews with some of the world’s finest economists, progressive politicians, investigative reporters and philosophers, as well as the voices of America’s downtrodden reveal the terrifying threats posed by unregulated capitalism and corporate power. Poverty, Inc. is a timely wake-up call for those seeking hard-hitting answers on the economic realities facing our country and world today.

Portraits of Colorado – The Making of A Modern American Symphony


United States

When Emmy-award winning composer Charles Denler was commissioned by the Colorado Symphony to write a modern symphony based on the beauty of the Colorado he immediately had a clear vision for where he wanted to go with the music.  A film-score composer by trade, this score would be inspired by images of towering snow capped mountains, morning sunrises of shimmering pinks and sunsets of peach and dark red…deep blue carpets of summer Columbines stretching across the massive mountain landscape and fall Aspens afire with gold and red…and the sounds of crashing waterfalls, the hoof beats of wild horses running the plains and the magical silence of a gentle snowfall. All this put to music.  Richly performed by the respected Colorado Symphony and Chorus and conducted by Scott O’Neil, “”Portraits of Colorado”” is what Colorado sounds like.

The Orphan Brigade – Soundtrack To A Ghost Story


United States

This is a ghost story set to music… The documentary follows a group of musicians (The Orphan Brigade) as they spent a year writing and recording an album in one of the most haunted houses in the Southern United States. (The Octagon Hall, Franklin, KY) The group set out to tell the story of this eerie architectural oddity and of the family, soldiers, and servants who lived and died there. The group looked for inspiration and possible encounters with the spirits of this place. In the end they found that and much more.

The house became a symbol of how we are all haunted by the things that we cannot let go of. While tracing the lives of these 19th century characters they found a window into universal themes that we all face. What do we leave behind? Will we be remembered or do we ultimately become invisible? Are our beliefs just illusions we hold onto to justify the things we do? If we hold on too tightly to our causes will they ultimately destroy us? These musicians came to tell the story of this house and in the process told their own story… ”

Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection
United States

“Watch Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection as writer/director Steve Newton explores the devastating effects of recidivism. This documentary will show you some of the history of recidivism, its impact and some of the successful program that help reduce the problem which costs taxpayers more than $50 billion annually.

The United States leads the world in incarcerations with one out of 107 Americans behind bars and one out of every 34 under some type of correctional supervision. Once convicted of a felony crime, your chances of having a normal life after you serve your time are slim. Being branded a felon means you’re barred from most jobs, denied public housing and food stamps; probably you have no transportation and cannot vote. Without family support or rehabilitation, your record condemns you to live your life as an outcast.

Patricia Lefler, an ex-offender, says, “”It seems that our legal system is not designed to rehabilitate, or to help ex-offenders become more productive members of society. In fact, to someone stuck in the system, it can seem like just the opposite.””

The producer Jane Hillhouse has discovered that nearly everyone knows someone who has been, or is presently, behind bars, or under some kind of correctional supervision. “”The stories told by the ex-offenders in our film resonate with the listeners, who are then able to see them as individuals faced with nearly insurmountable challenges. . . not as statistics to be feared,” she says.

Getting people to embrace marginal issues like recidivism and over incarceration is a tough job. It’s a prevailing problem that no one likes to acknowledge or talk about.

As we pursued our story of recidivism from the nation’s capital to Nashville, we immediately agreed that “”Outcasts”” should have an original music sound track that would reflect Tennessee’s musical traditions. After all, Country Music was born in Bristol, a town not far from us, and June Carter grew up on the Carter fold, just across the Virginia line. Our music director, Paul Vanderbeck, has composed and produced a brilliant score. His original music and a song by recording artist, Emily Mure, will be featured on our Outcasts Music CD.

Hope for a solution comes with public awareness and involvement.”

watch trailer >

Seeking Truth in the Balkans
United States

“In 1993 the UN Security Council unanimously voted to establish the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to investigate war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide which were taking place in the Balkans. After the establishment of this Tribunal which was the first of its kind since the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals, the war continued and atrocities escalated. Twenty one long years have passed since the Tribunal began with a shaky start. Since that time all 161 indictees have been accounted for and the Tribunal is in its final phase of completion. Since this is the beginning of our new era of international law which inspired other ad hoc Tribunals such as Rwanda, Cambodia, Lebanon, Sierra Leone and the International Criminal Court it is a great time to assess the legacy of this frontrunner in international law. We visit all the stakeholders in our investigation of the true legacy, regional activists, victims, journalists, academics, legal scholars and law makers as we explore whether the tribunal fulfilled its mission toward peace, justice, truth and reconciliation in the region and globally. Many films have been made about the wars of the Balkans during the 1990’s but none have explored the human rights versus the jurisprudential perspective.

Coming Back To The Hoop


United States

43 years ago, Jane Pittman, a promising basketball star at her small town high school, ran off the court during a holiday tournament game never to return … until now. When Jane stumbles across the NOVA United Senior Women’s Basketball Association, old passions are reignited. Vowing to get into the best shape of her life, she is determined to play competitive ball again. What she never expected to find on that journey was a passionate group of senior adults who had decided to “wear out, before we rust out”. Choosing basketball over Canasta and Bingo, these women come together for much more than sports. “”Coming Back To The Hoop”” is a film about the transformative power of basketball and the healing it brings when you connect with something larger than yourself and then give yourself over to the team.

Naked Rose

“Among the millions of victims of the Nazi madness during the Second World War, Pierre Seel was charged with homosexuality and imprisoned in the Schirmeck concentration camp. He survived this terrifying experience of torture and humiliation, and after the war he married, had three children, and tried to live a normal life. In 1982, however, he came to terms with his past and his true nature and decided to publicly reveal what he and thousands of other homosexuals branded with the Pink Triangle had undergone during the Nazi regime. Il Rosa Nudo (Naked Rose), inspired by the life of Pierre Seel, depicts in a theatrical and evocative way the Homocaust, focusing on the scientific theories of SS Physician Carl Peter Værnet for the treatment of homosexuality, which paved the way for the Nazi persecution of gay men.”

United States

A dancer, or perhaps a wood nymph, rehearses alone in a New York studio enchanting herself into the forest that inspired her dance.”,English,,United States,,http://jeanerdmandance.com/film.html,”Short, Experimental, narrative, fantasy.

United States

“The final chapter of the trilogy focuses on the mysterious disappearance of Rotten Egg, a camera that reveals the truth in every photo, and a man’s  quest to become ‘less’ boring.  This stand-alone comedy delivers a romantic and upbeat message about relationships and the truth behind every story.  ”

We Weren’t Given Anything for Free

“Annita Malavasi was just 22 when the Germans occupied Italy, their former allies, in 1943. As a partisan in the Italian resistance named “Laila”, she moved throughout the Apennines with and between fighting units, delivering information, transporting weapons, and taking part in battles. She spent over a year in the Apennines, fighting against the German occupation. At the same time, she had to assert herself against the men of the mountain villages. By the end of the war, Laila had risen among the ranks to become one of the few female commanders in the Italian resistance.
This film chronicles the story of a lifelong struggle for emancipation that began with the battle for Italy’s liberation from fascism. Laila and her two comrades, Gina “Sonia” Moncigoli and Pierina “Iva” Bonilauri talk about their time in the Resistenza and what it meant to them and many other women.”

The Story of M
Russian Federation

She smiles like Marilyn, she walks like Marilyn, she even dresses like Marilyn… A chance encounter at a second hand store – and the
world of dreams is crushed by reality…

Life Through The Lens

A self-portrait documentary that explores the way I see the world through my dad’s film camera. During a simple walk in the city, I notice little things that seem important and interesting to me at this time in Bulgaria. And I photograph them.”


A 13 minute film exploring two stories set inside a café in Kolkata, India.

The Champ

In this stop motion short, a little boy obsessed with professional wrestling gets the birthday present of a lifetime.


In Lisbon, Ana and Francisco are at home, preparing to leave. Francisco seeks to recover the affection of Ana. Assuming the vulnerability of the human being as a starting point, the look of the camera seeks for passers-by, someone who might be related to voices from recordings of social support helplines. This points to a new look at what we see daily and repeatedly: simple and everyday images, shelters and enclosures of lack of support.”

United States

Predestination takes us on a journey of self-awareness as a disillusioned philanderer deconstructs his life.,”


“Barcelona, early 1900s. On the terrace of the Maison Dorée, Júlia Peraire offers lottery tickets to a group of bearded modernists. Among them, the painter Ramón Casas, who looks up to be forever captivated by Júlia.”,Spanish,,”


8 year-old Baheyya dies through the attack on Mohammed Ali Mosque. The thing that utterly affects the life of her teacher, Mariam, who quits everything and pauses to reassess her life-path.  We witness Mariam’s external conflicts, as she persists to liberate from all kinds of restrictions , and inner conflicts as she attempts to reach a point of self-harmony.


What we eat is what we are. What we take is what we become. But the barter between us and the world works both ways. The film is a metaphor for life of a man, who becomes a product of his environment. But maybe there is something more than just sunbeams that come down on us from the sky. Grace?

“HERITAGE, The Descendants of William Tell”

Switzerland, that famous neutral country, is (according to recent statistics) the third most armed  population on Earth. This is partly due to one of its most popular sports “Shooting”.   In the heart of Switzerland there’s a fascinating world of guns, bizarre, interesting characters, different perspectives, controversial ideas and, above all, an exceptional tradition that lives on.
Swiss olympic shooting champions, families of Swiss shooters, politicians and others, tell us why shooting and weapons are, or why they shouldn’t be, so popular in Switzerland.

It’s All Part of the Plan

Directed by Luke Pilgrim
10 minutes

A romantic comedy about a habitual planner whose marriage proposal doesn’t go exactly as planned and lands him in the hospital. From this, he learns that finding true love and forging real connections often requires seizing an unplanned moment.

Written, Directed, & Edited by Luke Pilgrim

Mr Illich

An old puppet master nostalgically recalls the past and the woman he loved, these memories accompanied by the places of his youth, the fields and the sea.

Le Roi – Lintu

Bunch of outcasts gathering to party together. Don’t be afraid who you are!

Little Darling

Two kids at the top of a skyscraper. A view of the sea. He is Tom Sawyer and she is Alice in Wonderland. They walk along the edge of the roof, doing everything they’re not supposed to. In that hot summer, left under the care of her grandma, she will feel love for the first time.

Because of Mum

A poetic animated reflection about memories, childhood and upbringing. A girl’s message to her Mother.

Post Scriptum

Nobody understood the Prophets when talked about them. They are unshakeable witnesses of full moon and destruction, of arts and tides. They know our past glories and our present miseries. They behold us and stay hidden in the crowd… most time. They are intangible, and nevertheless they look so real.

Happy Thoughts
United Kingdom

Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster. Happy Thoughts is a raw and experimental reimagining of J.M/ Barrie’s classic story of Peter Pan and Wendy.

And we’ll eat flowers (Barefoot on nettles)

Léa doesn’t understand how people can love in a normal way. Crazy about love stories, she decides to make up her own. Ben, accepts, in the name of love. From their marriage in Barcelona all the way to a hippy village in Andalucía, they will try to write a love story – backwards. So if you start by breaking up, maybe you end up meeting?

Iranian Kazakh Town
Islamic Republic of Iran

Around 90 years ago, during Stalinism, less than a thousand Kazakh left Kazakhstan and came to Iran. This observer documentary makes an intimate atmosphere inside Kazakh homes and other places, and explores history of immigration, what happen during last century, and vision of Iranian Kazakh future.

London, Non Permanent Home

London, Non-Permanent Home’, talks about the experience of a group of young people living on the edge of the system: living in houses that have been forgotten by their owners and fed with food that has been thrown away. These characters, mostly immigrants from different countries build their lives through coexistence and psychedelic exploration.  Considered to be non-systemic, these people seek answers through psychedelic exploration. What aspirations and expectations of life have these people got? What are their dreams and frustrations? What are their survival skills?  Answers to these and other questions are what this documentary reveals.  ‘London, Non-Permanent Home’ is a film from which you can reflect on the sociocultural context of young people living in squats. In this way it aims to create a visual reference to provoke discussion and analysis of different factors of reality portrayed by the camera.      view trailer >

The Hunter

Dedicated to heroes and mothers. The hunter is a film of our time, the film shows the relation of the person to MOTHER (in the deepest meaning of this word), AS the BASIS FOR LIFE”

I Dreamt of You
United Kingdom

For those who are constant daydreamers, don’t be afraid to wonder what might happen if your dreams became reality. For the man of this story, a normal day at work leads to a unexpected awakening.

Lost Cubert

Cubert’s life is determined by work. Endless repetitions of the same tasks, dull routines, a perfect construction of monotony. Suddenly he is wrenched out of his daily grind and is confronted with a seemingly inescapable system. His quest for an exit leads him deep into a labyrinth of monotony – and to the bounds of his sanity.


The film tells the true story of a young Iraqi man lost his life in 2007.

One Word

In fact, there were a lot of things to say…


When she arrives in the hall of the business center where she works, Mary almost losts the elevator that was going up. Carlos prevents the door from closing and Mary falls in love at first sight. Like any woman interested in a man, she does everything in order to he realises it but her efforts are in vain. Many things go through Mary’s mind but she is caught in an unexpected ending.

Last Call
United States

A dead man slouches over a bar. A waitress named Kiki cowers beneath. The killer’s name is Lyle and he seems much more interested in contemplating the jukebox than escape. What is the connection between these three sad figures in this dark and dusty noir thriller? Who is the mystery man known as ‘Brad’? As Kiki tries to talk her way out of the line of fire, evidence of her betrayal is laid down on a two-top, and her guilt begins to wall her in.

Mikill Pane – Inside Man (Music Video)
United Kingdom

Animated music video using a stop motion animation method of production. Every slide was hand drawn!

Cork at night

Shot mostly during the Jazz Festival Weekend and Arthur’s day, this documentary style, experimental music video of the instrumental version of “”Sultans of Swing”” captures the nightlife of the Cork city at night. Performed by a local street player Jiri Meixner on the famous Oliver Plunkett street…”

Elsewhere, the Survivors
United States

Two connected figures wander endlessly through a desolate landscape, haunted by anxiety and doubt.

The Awakening

The Block

In the realm of dreams and fantasies we live and love and loose.

Straight Up; Tennessee Whiskey
United States

Tennessee has a long history of producing some of the world’s finest liquor. While Prohibition tried its best to kill that heritage, the new distillery laws have revived a time honored profession in this state.

Self Imprisonment
Syrian Arab Republic

A strayed man on a deserted place looking for shelter and he faces the strangest coincidence.

Free Art 4U
United States

Free Art Friday ATL is an ongoing city-wide social art scavenger hunt. Art pieces are hidden around the city and photos are posted on social media using #FAFATL. If you are first to find the art, you get to keep it and take it home with you absolutely free. This not only happens in Atlanta, but in many other cities as well. In my short documentary, I follow the stories of 5 free art makers and a piece of their art from its creation to the hands of its new owners.

Koyaa – Flower

Koyaa, an optimistic young mountain fellow, lives on a rocky ledge above the clouds together with his trusty old friend, the Raven. Everyday objects around him keep coming to life in imaginative ways, creating all kinds of adventures. It’s a bright sunny day on the ledge and Koyaa decides to use it for gardening. Of course, things don’t go according to plan, and the flower he plants somehow turns into a carnivorous monster …

United States

Youth is not an age group, but, a state of mind, capable of change.

I Want It!

In his usual way back from school Juancito, a lonely country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse  that seems to be abandoned. The joy of having a new and wonderful friend to play with makes the boy think he can keep it. He doesn’t realize, however that the horse is actually waiting for the return of his real owner.


Three performance-artists are moving scattered around a concrete desert.  The sounds that occur from their contact with the environment develop bit by bit into a rhythm.
When the borders between freerunning,and performance-dance dissolve, something new arises from the interaction of body and sound.

370 new World

370 New World is a story on the human loneliness and the death of dreams. This work is played on two kind of solitude in: the first one is imposed the other is researched. Both are generated by the new world that we have to face.”


The Boudoir. A musical short film to the sounds of Apex Martin.

Russian Federation

Based on the Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov novel “The Hero of Our Time”.  All events shown as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero, as a series of irrevocable mistakes and interpreted anew: it is either reconsideration or repentance. Recollections make main hero torment himself over his own past pretenses that seem ridicules now agonize and despair over his perfect indifference to everything except himself, see the horrible aspect of killing his friend, a greenhorn and a show-off. The final action of an intelligent and outstanding man is judging oneself without mercy.

United States

Rachel and her boyfriend Evan attend a jam band festival to document an up-and-coming band, The Epic Concept. When Rachel’s gear gets stolen, Evan’s on a mission to find the missing camera… while Rachel reconnects with her party animal ex. A deadpan comedy exploring the absurdity of the jam band world.

African Baby
United Kingdom

African Baby is a music video about Afrobeat in the heart of London.

United Kingdom

The checkered man screams for his freedom in London.

Like to Party
United Kingdom

Like 2 Party was shot in central London. This music video combines various dance styles on a big beat.

Nightmare on Cork Street

A group of corks lives a nightmare when a threat arrives on their street.

El Flaco

El Flaco is a male prostitute that pays for police protection to be able work in downtown streets of Juarez, Mexico.

Kids Fly – White Page

About the Video: Kids Fly’s music video for “”White Page”” portrays a moment between two individuals, who are soon parted and tossed into a world of  fantasy and longing. This visual world was conceived by the impact of raw materials. Each collision creates a natural shape, a metaphor for chaos within the characters’ mind. Kids Fly’s entire visual aspect is taken under the wing of Yafo Creative, an artistic community active in the integrated Arab/Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, acting as a home and collaboration base for multi-disciplined creators from  Tel-Aviv and abroad.  The video’s narrative and visuals were created by Soul Royale after being approached by Kids Fly and Amnon Ron (Founder of Yafo Creative) who brought his own artistic vision into the project in the form of mesmerizing macro shots of liquid chaos. Handled with care by Soul Royale’s loving touch, Amnon’s shots were placed into a deep, yet vague storyline.  The Video was filmed, edited and animated in Soul Royale Studios in Tel Aviv together with Video art materials provided by filmmaker Amnon Ron. The main concept was to create two main scenes: one figurative, and one abstract; to have a meeting point between them that creates a natural, new and surprising image.

About Kids Fly:
KIDS FLY is a new pop project created between London and Tel Aviv the past year or so. first a bed room production, evolving in to a live 6 members band, the Kids aspire to unleash themselves from a genre orientation or song structure and just fly by intuition, yet keeping it communicative and danceable. their self titled debut album is coming this summer, accompanied with visual art theme by Yafo Creative’s Amnon Ron to create a full audio visual experience

Uri Sade : Vocals
Orel Tamuz : Guitar/Production
Adam Weingrod : Guitar
Nir Yatzkan : Keyboards
Tal Yogev : Bass/Electronics
Omri Blau : Drums


Music Video Credits:
Hadas Yaron | Girl
Uri Sade | Boy

Music | Orel Tamuz & Uri Sade
Lyrics | Uri Sade

Vocals | Uri Sade
Guitar, Synth, Programing and production | Orel Tamuz
Bass | Offir Benjaminov
Drums | Dan Mayo

Mix & Master | Noam Levinberg
Sound Engineering | Noam Levinberg, Orel Tamuz, Amit Sagie

Video by Soul Royale & Yafo Creative
Directed by Noam Gelbart and Amnon Ron
Concept and Art Direction | Noam Gelbart
Video Art Materials | Amnon Ron
Production | Yotam Kellner
Composting | Soul Royale


The world becomes a desert and the air can not be inhaled because of pollution. The film is about struggles of our hero who survived under favour of oxygen bottles and his attempts of growing plants in his own laboratory to produce oxygen.


“Abruzzo, Italy. 1950. Nenné is an eight year old child that lives with her mother in a small village surrounded by the mountains. Nenné is
fascinated by the story of Baùll, an ogre of Abruzzo’s ancient fairy tales, that hides in the old abandoned houses in the countryside around the village.
“”Dad used to say that you had to be careful, because Baùll kidnaps children, removes their skin with his long slender fingers, and then hides them in a bag. Once I saw Baùll””.  A fairy tale of loss and abandonment.”


Twenty years in the life of a Russian orphan.  Réunion de la Mélancolie,00:03:59,United States,”Entrenched in the context of New Orleans culture, fashion designer Amanda deLeon’s Fall 2014 cinematic campaign symbolically stems from spiritual folkways of a mixture of religions, which developed in the French, Spanish, and Creole speaking populations of Louisiana.  Réunion de la Mélancolie opens with the priestess, a powerful and beautiful character, igniting the torch that symbolizes her desire to reunite with lost pieces of her soul.  The torch beckons the dead to return to the priestess so that she may finally be whole and rest in peace.  The main character (the priestess) is a nod to New Orleans’ Voodoo culture and one of its most well known historical figures, Marie Laveau (Voodoo Queen of New Orleans).  The locations for the film were chosen carefully to showcase parts of the city that aren’t as well known to visitors, but that are still historically and spiritually significant to its residents.

Constantine the Great

5 minutes Sofia”” is a documentary series of events, personalities, legends and artefacts from the history and culture of the ancient city. The short films weave the contemporary with the art of ancient Thracians, with infrastructural projects of the Romans, with skills in painting and crafts of the ancient Bulgarians, with the destructions and the construction of Muslims, the struggles and the coexistence of religions, the aspirations and efforts of the new Bulgarians to build their own capital, taking the best of the artistic and spiritual world of Europe.  The Episode tells the story of the roman emperor Constantine the Great and his connection with the ancient city.  Serdica reached its zenith during his reign, after the Roman Empire was divided into East and West.

Garden’s Road

How many times you have to cross the door of the same room to realize everything you need to leave behind to move forward?

Self Offense
14  minutes 32 secs
United States,

Self Offense is an award winning and seat gripping suspense film about the journey of four women victimized by abuse and violence. Their individual stories are woven together through the self defense course where they meet and gain tools necessary to break the cycle of abuse that has paralyzed them from moving forward. Shot as a suspense film, engaging a broader audience, the message is important and has the power to create dialogue about the issue of violence against women.

11 minutes

““Shhh” is a dark fairytale about a young boy, Guillermo, who uses his imagination to overcome his monstrous bully at night. Tired of being scared, Guillermo eventually takes matters into his own hands.”

United States

A hired assassin, Max, is given a routine target by his untrustworthy employer, Nico.  The operation goes awry, when Max wakes up in a remote location, bloody and broken with no recollection of the last twenty-four hours. While trying to piece together what has happened to him, Max learns that time is limited before he is in turn the target himself.

6 minutes  46  secs
United Kingdom

Rumbadiosa is a creative interdisciplinary project bringing together visual art, music and moving image, it’s a collaboration of drawing artist Katarzyna Jablonska (http://kjablonska.com), musician Estas Tonne (http://estastonne.com/EstasTonneMusic/index.html) and director and cinematographer Mariusz Scislowicz (MS STUDIO https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ms-Studio/241220822563855?ref=hl). It has been selected for Pixels of Identities, international exhibition of photography, video art, installation and performing art, held in the prestigious Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice (Italy) Biennale in Venice 2014 and for Biennial Edition of American Video Magazine Videofocus.

Sustaining Life
United States

This is a documentary about extreme poverty. The story of over 1 billion people at the very edge of survival. However it is not a tale of suffering.  Sustaining Life is the battle cry and the celebration of our incredible success and continued opportunity to bring a billion of the world’s most vulnerable citizens into the sustainable fold.  Through stunning animation, compelling visuals, and the scientists, researchers, and humanitarians working on the ground, we rejoice in the solutions and pass forward the mission for how each person can contribute to the safety of our world.

Ten Past Two
United States

A supernatural thriller about a young couple on a hike at a remote locale who discover they may not be alone — something strange is at play.,

The Telling Tide
United States

“The Telling Tide is a film about the Louisiana Sea Grant Coastal Change Oral Histories Project, which aimed to raise awareness of climate change in the youth of Southern Louisiana communities where the land is being eaten away by subsidence, sea level rise, and erosion at a devastating rate. The goal was to promote stewardship by putting students in direct contact with peoples who have personally felt the land of their homes slipping through their fingers, and to show others the many forms of beauty that stand to be lost as a result of land loss in Louisiana.

The Red Corner
United States

A young boxer enters his first fight while reflecting on why he fights and who he is.


“Virtuo”” is a story about materialization of virtual existence. It is a dialogue between two different worlds. The main character gradually discovers that he lives in a post apocalyptic world that is devoid of humanity. It gives him mix of emotions from the joy of life to loneliness, alienation and helplessness. Empty streets and color desaturation are trying to transfer those feeling to the viewers. The ending shows that in the future depressive feeling of loneliness may not only be a human thing.”

You want me back

“There are two stories going on parallel to each other. One story is about a woman who is trying to regain the attention of the beloved one.
The other story is about two halves inside ones mind. One half is trying to regain the second halves attention.”

Requiem for my father

“Through the maze of a nightmare, a young man faces his father. His trauma springs from the darkness and he gradually exorcises his bitterness.”

The Discontentment of Ed Telfair
United States

Ed Telfair is a mundane middle-aged man who’s dealing with insecurities in his life until he decides to take matters into his own hands.,”

M Cream

A motley crew of university students set out on a journey in pursuit of a mythical form of hash, confronting a series of encounters that begin to unravel the myriad realities of rebellion.


In a mourning ceremony the photographer takes a picture of a little girl.  With a sorrowful face,the mourners leave the room, leaving it surrounded by flowers.  Little by little, we get closer to the girl, we enter into her mind and into the universe of the death.

United Kingdom

John is forced to confront his worst fears when he realizes that his partner is suffering from a terminal illness. As the condition begins to gradually take its toll on her, John is consumed by his emotions and left with no choice but to accept the inevitable.

United Kingdom

“‘Moments’ is the story of a young man who always seems to just miss out on those special moments in life. But a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman promises to change all that forever. With only his determination, a flurry of confetti and an irrepressible love of dance, he sets out to win her heart.”

United States

A physiological drama about paramedic John Morris, (Scott Wolf, Party of five, GO, V) who has been living under a cloud of guilt after he was unable to save his daughter’s life from drowning.
Through the consumption of charged-water, water that has been influenced by specific thoughts or energy, an experiment held by Dr. Arlen, John begins to revisit his daughter through past memories in an dreamlike world. Through this healing process, memories that were once filled with the weight of guilt begin to speak truth. With such a change, John becomes convinced that he has the ability to change past events and make everything the way it used to be.


“A woman in Paris, the city of romance, with a broken heart.”

Non-refundable ticket

Maria decides to travel abroad in search of a better life. The ticket is non-refundable.

Pixel Theory: Pandora´s Box

In a future decadent world a professional player of the Laserball league is disqualified during the game and forced to be disconnected for a few hours. Returning to the real world, he is reunited with his father. The clash between their realities reopens old wounds.


”The “Duque de Alba” is the last adult movie theatre remaining in Madrid. Rafael, the projectionist, works hard every day in order to make the place tidier.”

United States

A 1986 Ford Tempo grapples with the loss of it’s owner sparking a killing spree to eliminate the competition for the woman it loves.

Puerto Rico

It is the story of a writer who has left the world she knew behind and has fled with the intentions of creating the last novel in an era where nobody cares to read. Es la historia abreviada de una escritora que ha dejado atrás el mundo que conoce con la intensión de crear una última novela en una época en la que a nadie le interesa leer.

Driven to Ride
United States

Since the 1870′s women have been Driven to Ride… Two-wheeled vehicles gave women a first real taste of the wild thrill found in unfettered mobility. Victorian Age corsets and billowing skirts were set aside as riding unleashed the power hidden within and the freedom to give that power pursuit. Driven to Ride is a documentary that explores the unstoppable spirit and diversity of  women motorcycle riders. Riders featured in the documentary include Betsy Huelskamp, Erin Doherty-Ratay, Masyn Moyer, Janice Ferrante, Debra Conroy and Julie Graff.

My Name Was Jane
United Kingdom

A story of a woman’s struggle to find her biological parents and her decision when she finally has all the information required to take that next step.

Full Circle
United States

A young girl in New York City helps a hungry man pay for food at a city food cart – and is later rewarded by karma when a handsome guy pays for her lunch and the two share a connection. Movie based on true story.

The New Generation
United States

“In this documentary about first generation Americans and biculturalism, we dive into the lives of two young Asian-American women and the unique challenges they face living between two cultures. Polly recounts the stereotypes she encountered in her childhood, while Jess describes her experiences growing up in the Korean community on the island of Guam.”

Korea, Republic of

Gaksu puts bandage on his forehead because he thinks that he has a horn.,Korean,

United States

Set Free Your Soul. When Persian calligraphic art, music and ornament designs get together and bring an old mythical Persian story to life.

Welcome to Fantasy Island
United States

An island of bikini-clad, saggy ladies spend their lives drinking martinis and living on the beach, until one day they run out of vodka.


The film follows animals who live in the city. They try and imitate human behavior, but in the end they remain animals. They also undergo changes on the inside. They dream, develop longings and learn to love romantically.

A jail sentence ends
United States

This short film I directed is a portrait of young artist whose creative process is affected by depression.  The title comes from comedian/author Rob Delaney’s book “”Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.  I might also add that while depressed, creativity or imagination is close to impossible… Just to be clear, I’d rather be in jail than depressed in my apartment. A jail sentence ends. You know roughly when it will end, too. Starring: Nick Reed  Music: Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie.

Blea Mere

A short film edited from footage shot over three days in the Lake District. I traveled up north with filmmaker Charlie Locke, we stayed in Kendal were we spent our first day filming, and then traveled to lake Windermere for our second day. It was a great trip and I tried to capture the mood of our travels in this edit.

Industrious Grind Colossal
United States

Award winning music video compilation starring Snoop Dogg and Lennie Polo.   As the spirit wanes the form appears.” — Charles Bukowski.  Our sophomore independent short film, an audio-visual exploration inspired by the hypnotic qualities of the sea.

United Kingdom

A wonderfully freeing aspect of solitude is that nobody cares what you look like. Nobody is there to comment upon, critique, approve, or disapprove of your actions, attitudes, words, mannerisms, personality preferences, and quirks. No one has expectations of you or needs they want you to meet. Go ahead. Remove that hot stuffy mask.  Capturing TrashDollys stylistic and imaginative nature, Providence is based upon a man who is disillusioned by the culture of his world, and seeks power of a spiritual nature and sense of belonging in a place of complete solitude.

Fender Heist – Fighter

In an apocalyptic existence where an unknown force is about to take over the world, a little girl wakes up and shows resistance as an essential figure in which all other forces have been lost.


Revolution is a piece of social and political concerns of the society nowadays present but also the past with a look to the future of a society that is changing, not always positively not always respecting people as individuals, past and been forgotten by those who lived in the improve the future.

Shadow Tree
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania

When a Zanzibari boy finds  a fish in muddy water, the challenge of keeping it alive pushes him  in an unexpected direction, which turns out to be the ultimate test of his faith in the  universe.

“Son, it’s meal time!
Hong Kong

The movie through the mealtime and realist style reflects the relationship of a father and a son. The father is a retired elder and takes care an unemployed son. The son often plays online games in the room. The father cooks a meal for his son on time every day but the son always misses the mealtime. Once the father meets an accident and has not come home at mealtime…

Sound of Longing

“Since becoming a widow, Rachel stays at home. Dan, who haven’t heard from her for a long time, comes to visit with Adi, his young daughter. While Dan finds it hard to communicate, Adi’s innocent actions raise memories and feeling in Rachel, which help her move on.”

A Strange Kind of Love

Film about a blind girl, who has to get over her terrible past, in order to both pursue her art as a painter and win the love of a young admirer.

Sunflower Noir

“Guidestones: Sunflower Noir picks up where the Emmy-winning Guidestones left off. The interactive thriller/alternate reality game (ARG) series follows Sandy Rai as she runs from both her own past, as well as from a global organization intent on culling the human population by whatever means necessary. So continues a journey that takes her through London, Bracknell, France, New York, Toronto, Greece, Kiev, Chernobyl, and into a conspiracy involving priceless art forgeries, clandestine CIA experiments, and a secret so devastating it will change the course of humanity.”

Tenet of the Past

The past and the present are always connected. Throughout time, everybody defines an individual direction of life. The journey of life is a pursuit of cognition, and cognition begins with the knowledge of the past. Einar Gustafsson works in the Alesund Museum and deals with the origin of his city in Western Norway while perceiving his own roots.

United States

Oppression, abuse and bullying are the ways of the land as seen through the eyes of one red balloon. Take a stand. In a strange world, Ids rule the sky. They create and then enslave, abuse, and bully balloons. Ids are completely reliant upon the balloons for nearly everything in their daily lives, including transportation and sustenance. The balloons don’t question this and they don’t fight back. Born into this world, the balloons have no choice but to endure the horrible mistreatment. Or do they?

‘Tethered’ is the story of one brave red balloon that sees the oppression for what it is and must find the courage to take a stand showing its fellow balloons the power has always been inside them.

Violence Done Well

Music video for Norwegian artist Eline Thorp. Captured in a world of reflections, a dancer is pushed to the limits.

What remains

A German living room in the 1940s, abandoned, like a hasty escape. What is left are photographies on the wall, memories, that come to life and tell us the tragic story of a big love which must not be.

Wandering Star
United Kingdom

A young man, existentially lost, answers a public phone and is coerced onto a journey of hard revelation about himself and the city in which he lives.

United States

“Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska.  She longs for her struggling, absent mother, but as her mom’s phone calls become less frequent and her uncle’s care is not what it seems, she must flee.  Her only thoughts are to escape her uncle’s grasp and contact her mother somehow, but as she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior she is suddenly helplessly alone.  A chance connection with a loner backpacker, Rene Bartlett, proves to be her only lifeline.  As Mackenzie shadows Bartlett across the last frontier, she thwarts his efforts to cut her loose until Bart has no choice but to help her survive in the wilderness.  Against the backdrop of a spectacular Alaska landscape, they discover the redemptive power of friendship.  Mackenzie and Bartlett prove to be the unlikely salve for each other’s scars, until the damage Mackenzie carries with her threatens to destroy her newfound sanctuary.  Returning to civilization, Mackenzie is once again at risk of capture by her uncle as he hounds with manipulative calls and messages.  When Bartlett finally discovers her alarming secret, he must make a bold choice to take real responsibility for Mackenzie and help her escape her traumatic past and return home.

Yuma Sun – Rose

This is the story of a man, which can’t stand that his girl left him. Just seeing her with another person, especially a girl, makes him angry… and crazy, really crazy. This is the story of a man that can’t stop his emotions and jealousy.


Zugzwang in German means obligation to move. Life and chess are not so different. There is a moment in life where you know you have to make a decision, but the best thing to do would be not to make any move. But… you must. We simply call this being screwed. In chess, they call it Zugzwang.


Digging Deeper
By Lee Compton
114 Pages
United Kingdom

Will works away from home on a building site. He suspects his girlfriend (Emma) of having an affair with his colleague (Finn). To unearth the truth, Will gets him drunk. A fight breaks out. After an accidental blow to the head, Will leaves Finn in a ditch.

Will returns home. Decorations adorn the hallway and Emma explains Finn’s been helping her prepare for Will’s surprise birthday party. Will discovers a briefcase belonging to Finn containing cash and data discs in the spare bedroom. Taking handfuls of money, he returns to Finn’s body. It’s lifeless. He manhandles the corpse into the boot and decides to bury the body on the building site where he works.

After a tense birthday party and strained holiday with Emma, Will returns to work. The receptionist and long-term friend (Charlotte) tells him the police discovered a body. Will confesses to her but she’s confused. The body wasn’t Finn’s. Will receives a package (via Charlotte) from someone calling himself Sebastian. It contains pictures of Will burying the body.

To discover more about Finn and the briefcase, Will breaks into Finn’s house. The place has been ransacked. Hundreds of images of battered women litter the bedroom. Sitting in wait is Sebastian from the mob. He explains Finn was paid a considerable upfront fee to “update” the files which he didn’t honour. He wants the briefcase returned or else the incriminating photos of Will burying a body will find their way into the hands of the authorities.

Will returns home. Both the case and Emma have vanished. Emma’s abroad having been told by Finn to rendezvous with his contact (Kieran) if she hadn’t heard from him by the time she returned from holiday. Charlotte and Will meet with Emma. She believes Finn has been captured by the mob and the only way to get everyone off the hook is to give Will the briefcase for him to return. Kieran has other ideas. After a violent struggle, Will and Charlotte retrieve the case and return the goods to the mob. However, by now most of the money is missing and the files are incomplete. The cash was paid to Finn to create snuff movies. They demand Will carries the job out himself. He killed Finn so he’s inherited the debt.

After Will and Charlotte’s attempts to fake the footage go disastrously wrong, the mob kidnap Charlotte and give a strict deadline for Will to replace the missing money. With no way of raising the cash he tracks down the mob’s hideout but is captured.

We discover Finn is alive. The mob switched the bodies in the boot of Will’s car. The briefcase and Emma were used as bait to lure Kieran, the leader of a rival gang, out into the open. Kieran and Emma are being held captive.

Will pleads for his and Charlotte’s release but has nothing to bargain with. Reluctantly, he agrees to have his tongue cut out, a symbol he won’t talk. He’s then led to Charlotte’s dark cell and told if she agrees to leave with him, they are free to go. Unable to communicate, Will fumbles in the dark only to discover Charlotte can’t see him. Her eyes have been gouged out. With Charlotte not being able to see and Will not able to talk, a red “record” light flashes on the security camera as the cell door slams shut.

107 Pages,United States,”

JOEY STOKES has been a mess since his father was killed two years ago at the National Drag Championships.  He is further devastated when his mother, KATE, marries lowlife PHIL BLAZECK, Joe’s former crew chief, who overlooked the safety issue that caused Joe’s crash.  And though Joey understands Kate’s desperate need to fill the emotional void left by Joe’s death, he’ll never forgive Phil, especially for taking advantage of Kate’s fragile emotional state.  Joey’s hatred intensifies when he catches Phil picking up girls at a bar.

On New Year’s Eve, Joey is barreling down a fogged-in freeway to pick up a stock radio for his classic ‘42 Merc, when he is stopped by an accident ahead.  Aware that the radio shop is about to close, he drives over the side of the freeway, onto a section of the old highway running parallel to the freeway, a road closed for over fifty years.  As he cruises down the deserted road, listening to music on his portable radio, the radio station starts fading in and out, and suddenly, he’s listening to broadcasts from the 1940’s.  Approaching an abandoned railroad crossing, he spots an empty 1941 Ford Coupe parked on the tracks, then spots TERESSA MONTOYA, a beautiful 17 year old, standing alone on the shoulder of the road in an evening gown.  He pulls over, offers help just as a southbound FREIGHT slams into the coupe.  Before he can respond, the train, the coupe, and Teressa all vanish.  Rattled, he whips a U-turn, hauls back to town. Haunted by the event, he soon returns to the crossing, hoping to make sense of it all.  Doesn’t happen.  But he does befriend WWII vet EMMIT PEAL, who lives near the crossing.  Turns out, back in 1943, Emmit had been engaged to Teressa on the New Year’s Eve she was killed by the train.  And every foggy night since — most intensely on New Year’s Eves — she’s been showing up at the crossing, then disappearing.  Emmit has always believed that if he could somehow get Teressa and her coupe back on the other side of the tracks before the train shows, maybe he could reverse things, make it so she never died, go back.  He knows it sounds crazy, but he nearly pulled it off once in the 60s. But there wasn’t enough time to pull it off – 50 seconds maybe — so he quit trying.  Joey suggests that maybe two guys could do it, unleashing a series of life altering events over the next year.

Pissed off and drunk after gambling away all of his money, Phil roughs up Joey, kicks him out of the house.  Joey moves to Emmit’s place where, over the next few months, they rehearse their plan to alter Teressa’s destiny at the crossing next New Year’s Eve.  All goes smoothly until — with New Years just days away — Emmit is hospitalized with a stroke.  Doesn’t matter.  Fiercely determined to carry out his plan with Teressa, Emmit convinces Joey to take him home.  With the clock ticking, Joey learns that Phil has stolen Kate’s life savings.  Worse, he’s beaten her.  Joey tracks Phil down and lays into him with a tire iron.  Now, almost out of time, Joey races home, convinces Kate to leave Phil and to join him in his quest on the foggiest New Year’s Eve in a decade.  As a bloodied and enraged Phil closes in on them in his Mack semi, Joey, Kate and a gravely ill Emmit attempt the impossible: Getting Teressa and her coupe off of the tracks before the train or Phil arrive, an event that turns time itself upside down.

Mr. Grumbles
39 Pages
United States

A kitten is abandoned at the side of the road at a driveway to a house. He has to deal with the weather, other animals living in the front yard, and finding food. His survival is up to him until humans of the house take in him.

Quest for Light – Adventure of the Magi,

118 Pages,United States,”Story of the Biblical Magi’s spiritual struggle and harrowing adventure across Persia in search of the one, true God. Through nature, God called upon these warrior priests to be among the first to learn of the Messiah’s birth. Our journey takes us along The Silk Road, the first century’s information super-highway. We meet the people who help and hinder their travel and learn of the events that influenced the Magi. We share in their struggle with nature, foes, and spiritual conflict on their journey to Jerusalem. By coming to know the Magi and witnessing God’s intervention in their lives, we come to understand why they deserted their families and risked their lives on a long dangerous journey in search of a foreign god.


Carina  –   Submitted by Ali Aschman
Arc de Triomph – Submitted by Allison Beda
Can’t Stop Drinking about you – Submitted by Gabriella Loutfi
3 & 20 – Country Bar Song – Directed by Jeremy Oliver Miller
Cork at night –  Submitted byJakub Wojciechowski
Inside Man – Submitted by Jack Spring
Kids Fly – Submitted by Yotam Keliner
LeRoi Lintu – Submitted by Sakari Lerkkanen
MalaVida –  Submitted by Bruno Gradaschi
Faith Evans Ruch – PBR Song  – Submitted by Edward Valibus
The Boudoir – Submitted by David Latreille
Youth – By Kino Poet of Sound and Image
It’s all in my head (Tout Dans La TÊTE) – Submitted by Arthur Jeanroy

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