officialselectionsiff2016blkThis festival was founded by many independent filmmakers from all over the United States in an effort to make independent film more prevalent in smaller towns across the Southeast and help foster connections between film-making professionals across the globe.



We are looking for quality story telling in all of our entries first and foremost, our judging is not based on the level of star, budget, or highest quality, rather the best indication of talent in filmmaking, music, or interactive presentation.  We want to give independent creative people the opportunity to have their work seen by audiences and connect with each other.  We do have special local categories and awards that highlight Southern films, music, and interactive content.

General Information

The very unique thing about the festival is that it will be promoted and held in many small towns across the Southeast through screenings and events.   The audiences will contribute feedback to the selection of the final films, in addition to 50 judges that are prominent members of the film community across the United States and Internationally.  The final selected films will first be shown in Atlanta, Georgia.  The festival will continue to expand to different cities throughout the Southeast, so your films will be shown to the greatest number of audiences, on as many screens as possible, as well as the winning films trailers to be streamed online via the festival website.

For more information, please contact us!


We are proud to welcome to our 2015 judges to date and 2016 judges will be announced soon:  Del Shores (Filmmaker), Roddy Bogawa (Filmmaker), Chris Frantz (Musician), Chris Do (Animation/Blind), Nan Puetz (Filmmaker), Santiago Cirilo (Actor/The Walking Dead), Alexis Gault (Writer/Actor), J.J. Sedelmaier (Animator), Spencer Drate (Film & Pop-Culture Author), Judith Salavetz (Film & Pop-Culture Author), Tara Lang (Makeup Artist/Face Off), Aqua Caitlin (Costume Designer), Linda Covello (Photographer/Writer), Parker Beck (Production Design), Diane Devore (Writer), Sylvia Reed (Designer), David Robbins (Writer), Beau Turpin (Producer), Craig McMahon (Production Designer/TWC), Dana Frank (Photography), Terrell Sandefur (Actor/Director), Paul Kostabi (Artist/Musician), Nikki Palomino (Radio Personality), Leonardo Santaiti (Actor/Director), Elizabeth Kiehner (Film Production/Thornberg and Forester), Lee Wilson (Actor), Kenyon Phillips (Actor/Musician), Orlando Vargas (Actor/Kill The Messenger), Justin Kavoussi (Editor), Clark Seydel (Film Collective), Manabu Inada (Motion Design), Andrea Facini (New Media), Sherri Mann Stewart (Actor/Producer), Christina Reynolds (Director/Actor), Carolyn Duncan(Writer), Jeremy Harrison (Actor), Holly Stephey (Radio Personality/Philanthropist), Maria Ragusa Burfield (Photography), JJ Sedelmeier (Director), Lawayne Bontrager (Director), Dewayne Bontrager (Director), Joseph Semense (Producer), Azmyth Kaminski (Actor/Musician), Christin Baker (Filmmaker), Daniel Collins (Actor/Musician), Brooks Robinson (Actor/Musician), Joey Von Haeger (Radio Personality/Filmmaker), Nan Puetz (President of TWIFM), Sheyla Paz (Vice President TWIFM/Actor), Deisha Oliver-Millar (Public Relations), Sandy Fox (Filmmaker/Producer), Lex Lang (Actor/Filmmaker).

Festival founders include Ava Leigh Stewart, Leo Santaiti, Spencer Drate, Judith Salavetz, Jeremy Miller, and Brooks Robinson. Submit your resume to info@southeasternfilm.com or message us on facebook/southeasternfilm to be considered for our Junior Board members.

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