2016 Selected Films

Please find a full list of accepted films, music videos, and screenplays for SIFF 2016. ACHING ART 00:03:51 India “Nature of Life says “” What comes in , has go “”. Unfortunately Our Indian art and Culture are No Different and lies in

SIFF 2015 Dahlonega

This is a highlight of the films from the 2015 Southeastern International Film Festival or SIFF for short.  The festival was founded by many independent filmmakers from all over the United States in an effort to make independent film more prevalent in

Southeastern Film Festival in Dahlonega

We are excited to have our first event in 2015 for the SouthEastern Film Festival at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega from April 10-12 2015. This will be a weekend of independent film! There is no cost for admission and

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